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Roof Boxes

Roof Boxes are designed to give you the extra space you need to carry any load in style, as well as being water and dust proof to keep all of your valuable luggage safe and in tact. Auto Extra carry a HUGE range of roof boxes in stock.


Roof Boxes

Rola believe a roof rack should be strong, light and good-looking, be available to fit the widest range of vehicles, and carry loads in an aerodynamic way. Rola Roof Racks are custom designed for each individual vehicle. This guarantees a perfect fitment without compromise. Rola continue to produce stylish roof racks, with low profile curved black crossbar to compliment your vehicles design. Rola's Heavy Duty bars are one of the strongest on the market and features an aerodynamic design with an undercover strip to minimize wind noise and also a rubber buffer strip that covers the top channel which can accept many different accessories.


Thule Roof Racks & Accessories

Solid, dependable and able to fit almost any car, Thule roof racks are as sturdy as can be. Whether you prefer a Square Bar, Aero Bar, Professional Bar or Thule's new Slide Bar or Wing Bar, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you and your gear will get from A to B in style. And with the time saving T-Track on the Aero, Professional, Slide and Wing Bars, you can switch from one adventure to the next by simply sliding a new load on and taking off.


Bike Carriers

Whether it's just you or the whole family, get your bikes wherever you're going quickly and easily. Whether you would like to keep the front wheel on or mount the bike on its forks, Auto Extra has a bike carrier to suit your needs. Auto Extra has one of the largest displays of bike carriers in their showroom that fit on roof racks, on towbars and also clip onto the back of certain cars. Please feel free to come in and see how the bike carriers actually look and their ease of use.


Cargo Carriers

If you're looking for an alloy tray, a steel tray or a mesh basket, Auto Extra have the option you're looking for to give you the extra space you need to carry any load in style. There are also a number of different bags that can either fit inside a tray or are self supporting.


Water Craft Carriers

Check out our different systems for carrying kayaks, canoes, boards & gear, get everything to your destination safely and into the water quickly.


Fishing Rod Holders

Auto Extra carry different styles of fishing rod holders to suit your needs. These can also be used to carry different items as well. They come in different sizes and heights and are all lockable to ensure your rods can't be stolen on your next fishing expedition.


General / Sports Accessories

The range of accessories to suit sports and universal roof racks is enormous, there aren't many things that can't be attached to roof racks using these many different accessories.


Commercial / Heavy Duty Accessories

Anything a trades' person needs to help them attach much needed items onto the roof for day to day business can be found in this section. Ranging from ladder racks and pipe clamps to shovel holders and eye bolts, Auto Extra has a solution to meet the needs of most trades' people.


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